UV-C humidifier


Humidifier made of durable ABS with integrated internal UV-C light that looks good on any table. The humidifier produces mist to keep any living space healthy with optimal air quality. In winter it reduces dry air and in summer it has a cooling function. The unit makes very little noise so it is even suitable for use at night. The integrated UV-C light kills up to 99.9% of potentially harmful bacteria in the water before spraying. Includes 2 extra cotton swabs to replace the original ones. One cotton swab lasts up to 8 months with permanent use. Contents: 200 ml which after 4 hours of use
must be refilled. UV-C wavelength 270 nm-280 nm. UV-C light is activated only when the item is closed. Includes 120 cm PVC-free TPE micro-charge cable.

Shipping abroad
When delivering items to an address outside the Netherlands, additional shipping costs, in the form of points, will be deducted from the point balance.
Shipping costs are based on weight and delivery country. This is mutually agreed upon.

139 points
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