Powerbank 10.000 mAh


Pocket-sized 10,000 mAh powerbank where the casing is made of RCS-certified recycled ABS plastic. When the powerbank is fully charged, you will have enough energy to charge your cell phone up to five times. The power bank contains a high-quality A 10,000 mAh high density lithium polymer battery. Power indicators show the remaining energy level, so you always know when to charge. Micro-USB input 5V/2A; Type-C input 5V/2A; USB output 5V/2A; Article and accessories PVC free. Includes PVC-free charging cable made of recycled TPE material.

Shipping abroad
When delivering items to an address outside the Netherlands, additional shipping costs, in the form of points, will be deducted from the point balance.
Shipping costs are based on weight and delivery country. This is mutually agreed upon.

167 points
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